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Ordinal Numbers

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Spanish English
primero** first
segundo second
tercero** third
cuarto fourth
quinto fifth
sexto sixth
séptimo seventh
octavo eighth
noveno ninth
décimo tenth
undécimo* eleventh
duodécimo* twelfth
decimotercero* thirteenth
decimocuarto* fourteenth
decimoquinto* fifteenth
decimosexto* sixteenth
decimoséptimo* seventeenth
decimoctavo* eighteenth
decimonono* nineteenth
vigésimo* twentieth
    *Many Spanish speakers do not use the above words for 11th through 20th +.  They frequently say el once for 11th, el doce for twelfth, el veinte for 20th, etc. 
**Primero becomes primer and tercero becomes tercer when used in front of a singular masculine noun. 
     When used as an adjective, ordinal numbers must agree in gender (masculine / feminine) with the noun they modify.

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