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-IR Verbs
Regular Verbs Ending in -IR

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Spanish English
escribir to write
vivir to live
decidir to decide
compartir to share
discutir to discuss
consistir to consist
unir to join, unite
impartir to impart, give, disclose
coincidir to coincide
permitir to permit
aplaudir to applaud
evadir to evade
debatir to debate, discuss, agitate
aburrir to bore
describir to describe
sobrescribir to overwrite
asistir (asistir a) to assist (to attend)
cubrir to cover
descubrir to uncover, discover
admitir to admit
abrir to open
cumplir to comply, fulfill
añadir to add
definir to define
omitir to omit
prescribir to prescribe
desunir to disconnect
recibir to receive, get
transmitir to transmit
dividir to divide
ocurrir* to occur
partir to leave, part, split
reunir to meet, have a meeting
*only 3rd person is conjugated  

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