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-AR Verbs 2
Regular verbs ending in -ar: Part 2

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Spanish English
llamar to call
abrazar to hug
acabar to finish
dejar to leave (behind) go away
admirar to admire
ahorrar to save
cambiar to change, exchange
reparar to repair
arreglar to fix, repair
celebrar to celebrate
tratar to try
invitar to invite
pasar to pass, spend time, happen, occur
durar to last
eliminar to get rid of, eliminate
entrar to enter
estacionar to park
parquear to park
respetar to respect
cruzar to cross
saltar to jump, go up, leap
limpiar to clean
mandar to send
enviar to send
llenar to fill
marcar to score (game)
borrar to erase
celebrar to celebrate
castigar to punish
adivinar to guess
comparar to compare
comunicar to communicate
decorar to decorate
mezclar to mix
olvidar to forget
respirar to breathe
hallar to find, discover, come across

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