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Spanish Class Online Vocabulary
-AR Verbs 1
Regular verbs ending in -ar: Part 1
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Spanish English
hablar to speak/talk
caminar to walk
andar to walk
trabajar to work
estudiar to study
escuchar to listen to
visitar to visit
viajar to travel
enseñar to teach, show, point out
llevar to take, carry, wear
llegar to arrive
bailar to dance
nadar to swim
cocinar to eat
charlar to chat, visit
platicar to chat, visit
llorar to cry
esperar to hope for
buscar to look for, search for
mirar to look at, watch
pintar to paint
pagar to pay
gastar to spend
ganar to win, earn, gain
comprar to buy
tocar to take, play music
tomar to take, drink
sacar to take out, take photos, earn (grades)
ayudar to help
cantar to sing
desear tp desire, wish, want
necesitar to need, to be necessary
cortar to cut
contestar to answer
dibujar to draw

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