The Spanish Class Online Story

     The Spanish Class Online curriculum is the culmination of several years of experimentation and practice.  Introduced in 2001, the webpage was designed to introduce high school and college students to the study of the Spanish language and to promote an appreciation for the Latino culture.  Today it is much more than that!
     Spanish Class Online is now a total Spanish curriculum, centered around the website.  We are constantly adding  study materials, assessments, student guides, and media presentations.  And much of it is free!
     This site is geared to Spanish students of all levels and all ages.  It is used by individuals, high schools, and universities throughout the United States and Europe, and has become a valuable resource for professionals interested in the Spanish language.  
     Spanish Class Online can be used to
supplement a Spanish class or program in which you are enrolled, or it can be used as an independent program to learn the Spanish language on your own.
     Our site has the most extensive topical vocabulary collection of any site on the internet!  In addition, teachers and students may order helpful materials through our online store!

Spanish Class Online...

...the fun way to learn
the Spanish language...

...and to celebrate
the rich Latino culture!

It makes learning
the language fun
and easy for young

...and is a great
for Spanish students
of all ages!

Whether you are
an Anglo wanting
to understand the
Latino culture...

...a 1st-generation
Latino committed
to keeping the old
values strong... 

...or 2nd and 3rd generations,
faced with the challenges of
living in both the Anglo and
Latino worlds...

...Spanish Class Online is the place to be!

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