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Spanish Class Online Vocabulary
-AR Verbs 3
Regular verbs ending in -ar: Part 3

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Spanish English
crear to create
ejercitar to exercise
pescar to fish
salvar to save
saludar to greet
participar to participate
usar to use
representar to represent
brillar to shine
continuar to continue
excavar to dig, excavate
lanzar to throw
alquilar to rent
entregar to deliver
disfrutar to enjoy
preguntar to ask (a question)
quedar to stay, remain
copiar to copy
manejar to drive
bajar to lower, go down, get off
golpear to hit
luchar to fight
pegar to hit, stick
tirar to throw
presentar to present
montar to get on, mount (a horse, bike, etc.)
adaptar to adapt
aceptar to accept
variar to vary, change
terminar to end, terminate
consultar to consult
reservar to reserve
arrancar to start, pull out
bloquear to block
derrotar to defeat

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