The Spanish Verb Chart by Spanish Class Online


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The Spanish Verb Chart

Uses of Preterite Tense |    Regular Preterite Verbs |   Irregular Preterite Verbs   |   Preterite Tense vs. Imperfect Tense

     Spanish teachers use a chart to help students learn how to conjugate verbs. The following are differ-ent views of the Spanish verb chart.  Use them as “tools” to learn the concept of verb conjugation.  You will eventually need to learn each form of the verb and you will no longer need the chart.


 “Person”  View

1st person singular

1st person plural

2nd person singular

2nd person plural

3rd person singular

3rd person plural

English Subject Pronoun View

I form

We form

You (familiar) form

You (familiar) form

He, She, It, and You (formal) form

They and You (plural) form

Spanish Subject Pronoun View

yo form

nosotros and nosotras form

tú form

vosotros and vosotras form

él, ella, and usted (Ud.) form

ellos, ellas, ustedes (Uds.) form

View of where verb is used

                   used worldwide


           used worldwide

      used worldwide

         used primarily in Spain

     used worldwide

                    used worldwide

Sample Verb Conjugation

       Yo hablo
      I speak


    Nosotros hablamos
We speak

     Tú hablas
     You speak

    Vosotros habláis
    You (all) speak

Él habla   He speaks
Ella habla   She speaks
Usted habla   You speak

          Ellos or Ellas hablan
        They speak
          Ustedes hablan You speak